For your listening pleasure, we've provided two of the more popular versions of the bible. We have the New International Version (NIV); both the Old and New Testament, and they're both dramatized. An ideal way to listen to the bible with your children and a lot less formal than The King James. We hope you have hours of fun listening over and over again. Of course, we have The King James Version of the bible for when you want that formal reading of scripture. Click below for what you want to hear.

New International Version Old & New Testament - Dramatized

The Holy Bible: NIV - Old Testament

The Holy Bible: NIV - New Testament

King James Version: Old Testament

The Law: Genesis to Deuteronomy


  1. Joshua, Judges, & Ruth
  2. 1st & 2nd Kings
  3. 1st & 2nd Chronicles
  4. Ezra, Nehemiah, & Esther

Poetry: Job to Song of Solomon

The Major Prophets: Isaiah to Daniel

The Minor Prophets: Hosea to Malachi

King James Version: New Testament

The Gospel: Matthew to Luke

The History of the Church: Acts of the Apostles

Paul's Letters

  1. Paul's Letters to Church...
  2. Paul's Letters to Indivi...

Hebrews; Letters by James, Peter, John; including Revelation