At the Westside Church of Christ we believe in the power of prayer. Please send us your prayer requests.

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, they ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much - James 5:16 (KJV)

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posted by: ab on 6/23/2024

Please pray for the ASD charity to raise at least $10,000 in donations to pay off tax debt and for pet food and veterinary services. Pray for many more dogs to be adopted, including abroad. And to have more local and international supporters. Thank you
I will pray 2 people are praying.
Need Prayers and Volunteers
posted by: Jim Yoshioka on 6/17/2024

June 17, 2024 Need Prayers and Volunteers To: Westside Church of Christ, San Mateo, CA 94401 From: Jim Yoshioka, Holy Spirit-filled Christian (August 1964 to present), retired with 29 years as aerospace engineer and therapist for 14 years of experience Seal Beach, CA 90740 To ensure the November election is fair and honest, your help is so vital. Republican poll workers and watchers are needed for Election Integrity Operations. Training will be provided. Sign up at: and contact the non-voters to register and to vote early. It’s not about political parties. It’s about overcoming evil with righteousness. “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1 Thank you!
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Members of the church of Christ
posted by: Freddie Scriven on 6/8/2024

For myself to be strengthened in my faith in Jesus Christ to set a better example and for my family members that Almighty GOD keep them safe and one day they're obey the glorious gospel of GOD in Christ Jesus
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: Jackson on 6/7/2024

Prayer in Jesus name that the corporate culture that launched AI to take away the job market, cupidity to cut staff, disbanding studios with no loyalty, false reports, silencing their complaint compartment and favoritism which most hurt my friends cease. Use the spirit to redo the world as Joseph worked for Potiphar and the King through honest work.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: Kathy on 6/5/2024

Please pray God opens a door for full-time work with a good wage. I need to pay my bills. Thank you Brothers and Sisters!
I will pray 2 people are praying.
Healing of cancer
posted by: Lillie Lim on 5/31/2024

Please uphold me in prayer for a complete healing of my leukemia cancer, which I have been diagnosed with since Jan 2023. I am still undergoing treatment. Thank You
I will pray 2 people are praying.
Prayer for mental health
posted by: Tiffiny on 5/14/2024

I have stress, anxiety and borderline personality disorder and I work every day. It’s hard for me to remember things. It’s hard for me to stay on track. I am asking for prayers to help me with my mental anxiety. I’m asking for prayers to help me stay on track, so I can work every day so far I’ve been hiding this from the world and I’ve done a pretty good job but now it’s time for me to face the truth I need prayers for my mental health.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: The Perez's on 5/9/2024

Please Pray my husband and I can reconcile after heart break and betrayal. My husband still has a cold hard heart and I am praying by the Holy Spirit my husband will remember the promise be made to God and to me on our wedding day. The devil has my husband and our family is in need of a divine miracle. Thank you
I will pray 1 person is praying.
posted by: Debra Bowser on 5/4/2024

Requesting prayers for my family and the Gibb family.
I will pray 1 person is praying.
posted by: Crystal Vines on 4/27/2024

Please pray for full time employment and sleep at night. I am not getting any interviews
I will pray 1 person is praying.
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Prayer List for the Westside San Mateo Church of Christ members and visitors; via personal assembly and Zoom. Please pray for them. Add a prayer request through this website so we can pray for you as well. Also remember; we offer a Prayer Service every Thursday Evening @ 6:00pm via Zoom. You can find the access code and ID on the Homepage of this website. Thank you for your prayers and may God continue to bless you all.
  • 9/5/2021 Bro Darrell Spencer; Family (Mom, Siblings) in LA & Travel
  • 9/5/2021 Sis Donna Rutherford; The Wilson Family
  • 9/5/2021 Bro Eric Davis; Bosses Daughter in Baltimore (Tosha Summers-Stroke) & Sister Toni Jackson, Judy Hendrix-Health
  • 9/5/2021 Sis Debra Wright; Thankful for Wednesday Bible Class & Prayers for Westside growth
  • 9/5/2021 Sis Denise Darenbourg; for Health and Oncology Test
  • 9/5/2021 Sis Twyla Cantrell; Crescent City COC-building damaged by Ida & Members of same
  • 9/19/2021 Bro Darrell Spencer; Conflict Resolution: Family, Brothers and Sisters
  • 9/19/2021 Bro Haywood Broussard; Nephew Kendall Simpson - Covid-19, Joe Peters - Covid-19, Pneumonia
  • 9/26/2021 Bro Haywood Broussard; Sis Marci - Knee, Foot Pain
  • 9/26/2021 Bro Haywood Broussard; Cousin Edward - Hospice - Parkinson's Disease, Dementia
  • 9/26/2021 Bro Haywood Broussard; Cousin's Wife Harriet - Hospitalized - Blood Clot in lungs
  • 9/26/2021 Sis Twyla Cantrell; Natalya - Continued Improvement, Off Assisted CO2, May be headed back to work
  • 9/26/2021 Bro Eric Davis; Thank you for praying for my bosses daughter (Tosha Summers) - Out of COMA and healing
  • 9/26/2021 Sis Donna Rutherford; Aunt Dorothy (last living aunt) - she is dying, praying that God's will be done
  • 9/26/2021 Sis Donna Rutherford; Pray for our family
  • 9/26/2021 Bro Johnny Williams; Sister (Ann Williams) - awoke after 3 weeks in a COMA
  • 10/10/2021 Bro Haywood Broussard; Sister-in-law (Lisa) husband passed away this past Wednesday; please keep the Moore Family in your prayers, Thank you
  • 10/10/2021 Sis Denise Darensborg; Prayer and concern for certain areas of Redwood City in need of evangelizing; Sequoia Station
  • 10/10/2021 Sis Denise Darensborg; prayer for my son Jeremiah; I do not know where he is living or if he is safe
  • 10/10/2021 Sis Twyla Cantrell; traveling grace from Brentwood to home
  • 10/10/2021 Sis Renee Garret; difficulty with her feet, is grateful for Cynthia's return today to be able to be with us
  • 10/17/2021 Bro Haywood Broussard; asking prayer for his health
  • 10/17/2021 Sis Twyla Cantrell; I have a colonoscopy on Thursday, please pray whatever the results, I will trust that God is in control
  • 10/17/2021 Sis Jackie Moore; prayers for Cynthia Moore for her health
  • 10/17/2021 Sis Susie Yarian; for Deborah Minor for her health
  • 10/17/2021 Sis Denise Darensborg; for 2 cousins who she prays for God to allow her to council them
  • 10/17/2021 Bro Avery Hines; prayer for stress, anxiety, and mental health